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Who's Who

Introducing the staff at our school:


Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Susan Elliott - Executive Headteacher

Mrs Rachel Jones - Head of School

Mr Alan Milne - SENCO & Teacher

Mrs Danielle Read - Teacher



Mr Alan Milne


Office Staff

Mrs Anna Chapman - Bursar

Mrs Lorna Poynton - Clerical Assistant

Mrs Kizzy Harvey - Clerical Assistant

Mrs Bev Robinson - Clerk to Governors


If you need to speak to one of the teachers please use the contact information below and the details will be passed on to the relevant member of staff. 

Tel: 01934 512200



Class Teachers

EYFS - Mrs Penny Thomas

Year 1 - Miss Kayleigh Pullman

Year 2 - Miss Jessica Coughlan

Year 3 - Mr Alan Milne

Year 4 - Miss Lauren Stephens

Year 5 - Mrs Deborah Doolan

Year 6 - Mrs Danielle Read

KS1 ECT Cover - Mrs Nicola Smith

KS2 ECT Cover - Mrs Kirsten Mann


Support Staff

HLTAs & Learning Mentor

Mrs Susan Harvey - HLTA

Mrs Laura Stuart - HLTA

Mrs Sarah Hawkins - HLTA

Miss Emma Thomas - Learning Mentor


Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Sharon Ersser

Mrs Esther Hathway

Mrs Hannah Dickson

Miss Karen Wallington

Mrs Emma Eagland



Mrs Lorna Poynton

Mrs Sharon Ersser

Mrs Nicola Sanders

Miss Karen Wallington

Mrs Millie Hunter

Mrs Emma Eagland

Ms Charlotte Mason


Breakfast and After School Club Staff 

Breakfast Club Playleader - Mrs Sarah Hawkins

Breakfast Club Playworker - Mrs Hannah Dickson

After School Club Playleader - Mrs Natalie Bohnert

After School Club Playworker - Mr Jack Thomas-Healey


To contact After School Club please call the school number 01934 512200 and select option 3.


Extra Curricular Staff

Piano & Violin Teacher - Mrs Page

Guitar Teacher - Mr Parfitt


Sports coaching provided by School Sport Teaching and Behaviour Management Ltd 

School meals service and staff provided by Aspens

Cleaning and caretaking provided by Weston Support Services