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School Gateway (Schoolcomms)

About Schoolcomms

We are a cashless school. Schoolcomms is the online system we use to process payments for wraparound care, clubs, trips, music lessons and events. It is easy to set up and works best as an app on your phone.

Using Schoolcomms
Schoolcomms can be used as an app or as a webpage. Please see the link below for guidance on how to set this up. It is very easy and only takes a couple of minutes:

School Gateway - Getting Started


If you find that Schoolcomms won’t let you login this is likely to be because the email address and/or mobile number we hold for you isn’t up to date in our school information management system. Please email or call the school office to update this so we can help you resolve the problem.


When using Schoolcomms to book clubs i.e. wraparound care please ensure that you have booked the session first and then follow this through to the payment section as the sessions will not be booked and reserved for you until payment has been made.