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Languages at Worle Village Primary School

At Worle Village Primary we aim for high quality language teaching which inspires an interest in linguistics and a wider understanding of other cultures in the world. Our teaching equips pupils with the confidence to speak about practical matters through a bespoke scheme of lessons which use high quality resources from iLanguages, Duolingo and various online content. Our lessons are supported by teaching staff’s knowledge and experience of engaging activities like games, songs and drama, which add flavour to the experience of language learning.


We want our children to develop written skills in French but are aware of how this can limit the amount of conversation practice taking place in the classroom. Our objective for language learning is communication – not how to hold a pencil correctly. We want children to enjoy and love learning about languages without having any fear of failure or worries about pronunciation. We understand the worries that both adults and children have in regards to French subject knowledge and its pronunciation – using apps such as Duolingo and Coffeebreak French to further explore anxiety towards language learning and provide simple and efficient ways to improve.


Throughout KS2 we aim to prepare our children for language learning in KS3 and engage an interest which could last their whole lives in preparation to become global citizens with the skills needed by the international workplace.

WVPS French - 6 Big Ideas