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As a school we are passionate about promoting a love of reading and encourage children to read a wide range of different genres.

Reading is a key skill and it impacts all areas of day to day life. 

Parents/Carers can help at home by listening to your child read or sharing their book. To provide the best support we set an expectation that your child reads at home a minimum of five times per week. 

Children choosing their own books has been proven to increase their enjoyment of reading and therefore positively impact the amount of time spent reading.



With this in mind we have a Library system, that as a family you can access from home. Books can be reserved, reviews can be written and you and your child / children can search through our extensive catalogue. Below you will find a step by step guide on how to access this from home, plus a link to the website. 

Library Online Instructions


Our library is supported by Libresoft which electronically records the books your child borrows. All our books have a barcode label which is scanned. When the children have finished reading the book they simply return it to the library, scan the bar code and place it in the box ready for the librarians to return it to the appropriate shelf.


Junior Librarians

Our Year 6 children really enjoy being Junior Librarians and are always happy to help the younger children change their books.

Joy of Reading