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Learning Without Limits


We as a school strive to give our children the greatest opportunities and to support them to achieve better than their best.  To help us to reach this aim, we have adopted a "Learning without Limits" approach.  This means that we don't place a ceiling on your child's learning capabilities and that they should be given every opportunity to succeed.


We believe that our job as a school, alongside our families, is to create a "love of learning" within every child.  To allow children to realise their potential and to not cap their own abilities bcause their belief in themselves is limited. Together, we can help every child to believe "they can because they say they can".

We provide a curriculum that revolves around the children’s interests whilst still ensuring National Curriculum coverage. We have taken the time to create engaging, inspiring topics that increase children’s curiosity and make them ask big questions that expand their thinking and develop them across all subjects.


Our curriculum is run on a 2 year rolling programme so year groups have opportunities to work together and allows for all areas to be covered. They include ‘WOW’ days that give children first hand experiences to extend and enrich their learning and encourage children to become experts in their field of study. 


In the last few years we have seen explorers take to the woods, travels into giant maps, visits from people from the past, evacuees fleeing from WW2 bombs, experiencing life in a trench, excavating fossils, building Tudor houses, finding Roman coins, becoming Victorians, celebrating black history, creating Arabic tales, making volcanoes and hosting our own VE day.  And that is only the beginning…


We are a ‘Learning without Limits’ school and therefore endeavour to involve the children in their learning. At the end of each term they help us to plan for the next term. Providing their ideas, questions and topics they want to know more about. Then we fit the curriculum around this allowing for learning with enjoyment so children develop a ‘love for learning!’ 


Our achievement of heritage school’s status shows our commitment to ensuring children have a grasp of the past not just further afield but within their own communities so they can understand how things came to be and where they stand within it. A sense of identity is essential to a child’s well-being. 


We are also beginning to embed philosophy within the curriculum which has been shown to improve children’s overall achievement. It allows for critical thinking and analysis while developing acceptance of others views and opinions. Children develop skills to work collaboratively and explore their world.