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Pastoral Care

At Worle Village pastoral care is as important as any academic or subject knowledge.


Miss Thomas is our Learning Mentor. She is there to support anyone through difficult times and situations. She also helps children who find class situations challenging. 


Within the mentoring programme, identified children can have the opportunity to spend designated periods with a trusted adult on a 1:1 basis or within a small group to share information confidentially or talk through issues that concern them.


Some of the areas we can offer support for families include:

Attendance, bereavement, challenging behaviour, conflict resolutions, friendships, food issues, low-self esteem, parental separation, routines at home, sibling links, transition between classes or between schools and young carers.


What are the benefits for pupils and families?

Improved motivation, increased positive attitudes, raised self-esteem, mature speaking and listening skills, increased confidence, establishing and maintaining friendships, reduced challenging behaviour, empathy with less fortunate pupils, developing social skills, reaching full learning potential, developing coping mechanisms for family traumas and learning how to managing their own feelings successfully.


These are all valuable life skills - which some pupils may need a little extra support to enhance them in line with their peer groups.  Some issues may require long term support whilst others may need short blocks of time or an isolated session. This work is in line with general support from the class teachers and our school values.



Referrals are welcome from parents/carers as well as school staff members and pupils themselves.  You are welcome to make an appointment via the school office. 

Sensitive issues are always treated in confidence.