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Behaviour Curriculum



At Worle Village Primary School we nurture the growth of our students' character through our Behaviour Curriculum. Our aim is to cultivate qualities that prepare them for adulthood such as politeness, respect, safety, and consideration for others. This is an integral part of their development & as as they demonstrate these behaviours it positively shapes how people see them and how they see themselves. 


We foster a supportive environment where these behaviors become second nature, contributing to a culture that enriches teaching, learning, and personal/social development. 


To ensure the effectiveness of our Behaviour Curriculum, it is essential that all staff members consistently apply it across all school contexts. We recognize that everyone plays a role in modeling and managing behavior, creating a harmonious and conducive atmosphere for all.

Teaching the curriculum


During the first two weeks of the autumn term, alongside the traditional National Curriculum subjects, we focus on also teaching the Behaviour Curriculum content. Teachers actively demonstrate these behaviors and provide opportunities for students to practice, especially during the initial days of each term. For instance, while we teach lining up procedures in the classroom, we reinforce them in various settings throughout the school day, such as during lunchtime. We trust all pupils to be familiar with this content.


Our goal is to ensure that children not only grasp the information but also know how to apply it effectively. Throughout the year, we then continuously strengthen the Behavior Curriculum through assemblies and classroom sessions. We also follow Rosenshine's ten principles of instruction, where we employ teaching methods such as regular quizzing, to enhance retention. 


Behaviour Consequences rationale 


The rationale behind the Behaviour Consequences at Kaleidoscope Academy is rooted in fostering reflection.

The new consequences chart has been meticulously crafted, drawing upon evidence-based research from esteemed educational behaviour experts like Tom Bennett and Paul Dix, as well as insights from schools such as Stoke Park in Bristol and the Department for Education's Behaviour School Guidance 2022. Collaboration among all schools within the Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) has ensured that the Behaviour Consequences remain pupil centric and prioritise the needs of the children. 


This redesigned chart offers a transparent framework that guides pupils in understanding the consequences of their actions while allowing staff the flexibility to exercise their professional judgement and empathy. At each stage of consequence, pupils can expect to receive restorative support, engaging in meaningful conversations so that they can reflect upon their choices. 


Each child is unique, as is each circumstance. Therefore the staff are committed to tailoring their approach with appropriate flexibility to ensure that each interaction has a constructive and positive outcome for the pupil.