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Pupil Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our Pupil Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.


Use of Pupil Premium

The pupil premium provides additional per pupil funding on top of existing funding allocated to schools.  Schools are free to spend the additional funding as they choose to raise the achievement of disadvantaged pupils. The amount of funding available to us is based on the number of pupils in the school who are eligible for free school meals. We use this money in the following ways:


  • Providing extra support in the form of a Learning Mentor and Speech and Language time,
  • Additional support for learning (if necessary),
  • Support with the cost towards school trips / activities,
  • Support with the cost of school uniform.
  • Look to offer experiences that enhance a pupils cultural capital to develop and grow,
  • Support and encourage pupils that need a challenge,
  • Provide learning resources throughout the school to support progress and attainment
  • Provide any support for chidlren who have parents in the armed forces.


The additional expenditure last year enabled children’s attainment to be raised as they have fewer barriers to learning and more access to individual support. The funding was not only specific to FSM or pupils from other vulnerable groups because it has become a trend in Worle Village Primary that non-FSM pupils are being out performed by FSM. All pupils are assessed regularly as individuals and are provided for according to individual need.


The impact of the pupil premium money spent last year has allowed us to 'Narrow the Gap' between the attainment of free school meal children and non free school meal children and those children whose parents are in the forces. 



Since the beginning of the pandemic, the school has continued to support our pupil premium pupils in every way we can. We have  provided extra staffing support in the afternoons (normally mornings only), provided sim cards and lap tops for remote learning and ensured that support and provision has been put in place for the rest of the year in regards to supporting their mental wellbeing.

National Tuition Program

Third Space Learning has been chosen as part of the Governments drive to use Catch up funding for our disadvantaged pupils. The provider is one of the National Tutoring Program partners chosen to deliver high quality online tuition designed to support those pupils whose progress in maths has been effected by the pandemic. The pupils have access to an hours tuition based upon Working towards Mastery in Maths – the same approach we follow within school.

Have a look at the headlines so far in the Spring term  - Open the following document.

School Led Tutoring 2022- 2023

As part of the school's drive to ensure that our pupils achieve their full potential, we are proud to announce that we will be utitlising the services of Connex Education to provide in school, face to face tutoring for a large number of our pupils. This will be provided through the Governement's Recovery Catch up Funding program aimed at supporting those pupils who have been most affected by Covid and the subsequent school lock downs over the last 19 months. In small groups, pupils will receive an excellent program which is tailormade for their needs to close the gaps and allow them to make a good level of progress to that of their peers.