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At Worle Village we are pleased to offer extra curricular music tuition, for children in Year Three and above, which is provided by the West of England Music Service. The teachers that come into school are experienced, qualified music teachers. Lessons are taught weekly, during the school day and are bookable through the school office. Payment will be due prior to the lessons and will be charged via School Gateway.


Currently we have pupils learning Violin, Piano/Keyboard and Guitar but tuition for other instruments and singing may also be available, please ask in the school office and we will contact the music service to enquire if other options are possible.


Lessons are taught either one to one or as part of a group (depending on the instrument). The tuition is booked on a two-term rolling basis. We will continue to book lessons for your child unless you let us know they no longer wish to continue. We require five term time weeks’ notice in order to cancel. Once lessons have been booked for the following two terms we will send you a Ping message to let you know that lessons are ready to pay for on School Gateway.


If your child is ill and misses a lesson unfortunately we are unable to provide a refund. If the teacher misses a lesson for any reason they will do their best to make the lesson up by adding extra time, either by extending lessons or making up time at the end of term.


Your child will need their own instrument so they are able to practice at home. Please see the attached recommendations from our music teacher before purchasing an instrument.


Piano / Keyboard

Is it important that the keyboard has weighted, full size keys.

Local music shop recommendation - JPB Music, Quantock Road.



It is not advisable to buy violins online as they need to be the correct size for your child. It is possible to hire an instrument as well as purchase one.

Local music shop recommendation - JPB Music, Quantock Road. The contact here is Andrew Barrington to hire or buy. He will measure your child to ensure the correct size of instrument for your child, ensure it is properly set up and ready to play.



It is very important that children should learn on a guitar with nylon, not steel, strings. It should be a three quarter not full-sized instrument. 


Local music shop recommendations - Weston Music Shop, Clevedon Music Shop, Nailsea Music Shop, PMT Bristol, these are all very helpful.


You may be lucky and find a 3/4 sized nylon stringed classical guitar on Facebook Marketplace often priced at 

around £15-£20.

A few other suggestions:

Martin Smith acoustic guitar 3/4 size from Argos - approx. £40

Valencia 3/4 size classical guitar - approx. £77

Jose Ferrer 3/4 size classical guitar - approx. £74

Fender 3/4 size classical guitar - approx. £100

Gear4music 3/4 size classical guitar (online) - approx. £40


We also have a very active Choir, open to children in Years 1 - 6 which participates in local events with Weston Choral Society and Highbridge Festival, as well as performances at our own events such as the Summer and Christmas Fayres.