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Year 1 Mr Feeley

Year One

Mr J Feeley - Class Teacher

Mrs S Harvey - Class HLTA

Mrs H Paddick - Learning Mentor

Attending School 

The school day starts at 8.45am.  A member of staff will open the bottom gate on Hill Road for your child to come into the playground.

Please do NOT send your child to school if they are unwell or have any Coronavirus symptoms. Let the school office know if your child is not attending and the reason for absence.

The school day ends at 15.00.  Again a member of staff will open the bottom gate, on Hill road.  


School Dinners are available.  The menu can be found on the website under parent and lunch menus or by using the link below;


Please ensure your child is wearing warm clothes and sensible footwear.  It is colder in the classrooms than usual due to windows and doors being kept open for ventilation.

Phonics and Reading Schemes


At Worle Village, we use the Letters and Sounds program, supported by the use of Jolly Phonics kinaesthetic actions as a basis for the planning of our high quality, systematic phonics programme. 

Children begin their phonics journey in the first term of Reception and children make rapid progress in their reading journey.


As children move through the early stages of acquiring phonics, they practise by reading phonetically decodable texts which are very closely matched to a child’s current phonics phase so that each child can achieve success in their reading.


Once children have a secure knowledge of letter/sound correspondences and can blend words confidently, they access our book banded reading scheme which has a wide variety of books accessible for children as they develop through fluency and maturity. This is designed to give children experience of a variety of reading genres. There are fiction and non-fiction books within each level. 

All children are encouraged to select books from the classroom, library or home to share with their parents to encourage a love of reading.


The school has high expectations for pupils to read at home. We ask that a child reads at home a minimum of 3 times per week in KS1 and 5 times per week in KS2


Please bring in your bookbags on a Wednesday morning so we can hear each child read with their recommended book and give new books before going home on a Friday. 


In addition, children can access Reading Eggs, an online reading program, at home or in school.  Please see your class teacher for login details.

  Reading Eggs



Some texts we recommend reading with your Year 1 child are...


Term 5 and 6 Topic - Creations and Catastrophes - Can we create catastrophe?

Period Overview: 1666 – A king called Charles II was on the English throne and plague had struck the city again during this time. It is thought that the fire helped wipe the plague out as it killed rats and fleas that spread the disease. 

Period Overview: 1912 – The Titanic was the largest ship of its kind which all the newspapers believed was ‘unsinkable’. On April 12th it set off on its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York. It never made it. It struck an iceberg on the night of April 14th and sunk only 2 hours later. Taking with it 1500 people. It was a tremendous disaster!



What a titanic week! In Year One we've tested materials and objects to see if they sink or float in Science and created paper boats that can float, carry (Lego) people and even survive an iceberg in a DT project. Then to top it all off we've had a great day learning how to dance a first-class passenger waltz, and a third-class Irish jig. We even had a posh dinner party out on the playground in the sunshine with some ice cream and brioche. Well done year 1!




We have been having lots of fun looking at what makes ice melt.

Design and Technology

Building a roof for the Three Little Pigs

Physical Education

We have at least two PE lessons per week.  Please ensure your child's kit is in school at all times to enable us to be flexible.

We do PE in all types of weather so please ensure your child has suitable PE kit.  In the Summer months we recommend shorts and t-shirt and in the winter long trousers with t-shirt and hoodie.  Trainers or daps should be worn.  

All kit should be clearly labelled with your child's name.

An example of our kit, which can be purchased from NK Sports, is below or your child needs a plain white t-shirt and black shorts.

We are also skipping for two minutes per day, as part as Skip to be fit and running a mile around the playground to travel the world.



Term 1 & 2 photos

Here are some highlights from the year so far!