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How to Access Remote Learning


We are aware that many families may be struggling with access to devices for remote learning and that there may be challenges with siblings sharing devices. As you may already have seen on social media, X-Box and PlayStation consoles have the functionality to access the internet and be used in a similar way to desktop / laptop computers. This offers an alternative way to access Teams.


Plug in a keyboard and mouse (if preferred) into the USB slots.

Within "Applications" select Microsoft Edge internet browser.


Plug in a keyboard and mouse (if preferred) into the USB slots.

Identify the PlayStation internet browser icon (WWW with dots around it)

Press the PlayStation logo on the controller.

Go to the library.

The internet browser is located within "Applications".

Once the browser is opened, it can be used like any other internet browser. This includes navigating to online learning resources, or communications tools like Teams.

The browser on both consoles can be used like any other menu or game: navigated around by using the joystick, clicking links with the A button, and typing in text by using the on-screen keyboard. Both consoles become much more useful when a keyboard or mouse is plugged into the console, at which point they’re almost indistinguishable from any other computer. Recent PlayStations and Xboxes both have USB ports that should be able to take any keyboard that would plug into a more traditional computer and can be bought relatively cheaply.



At WVPS, we want to ensure we have the capacity to offer immediate remote education when a class, group or individual needs to self-isolate. (See The Remote Learning Policy). If this occurs, we will also have to cater for those pupils (e.g. critical worker children & vulnerable pupils) who will remain in school. We have therefore put together a Blended Remote Provision, based on the excellent work carried out during the last lock down, to maintain teaching and learning in and out of school. We will provide high quality online and offline resources linked to our existing curriculum expectations that allow interaction, assessment and feedback for those pupils with or without online access. Provision will take into account individual pupil’s ability to access remote education and the support needed so families can deliver a broad and ambitious curriculum in line with on-site provision. If a lockdown is implemented, the school will work closely with the MAT, PHE and the DFE to implement provisions as advised. This plan will be applied in the following circumstances: 1. An individual is self-isolating because of a positive test within a household. 2. A group of children are self-isolating because of a positive Coronavirus test in a bubble. 3. A whole bubble or cohort is self-isolating because of an outbreak of Coronavirus. 4. School closure or local lockdown In the event of any form of isolation and loss of learning from the Coronavirus, parents must understand that engagement in home learning is compulsory, as is the expectation that Worle Village Primary School makes that provision available and accessible for all pupils. However, if the child is ill and not fit for school learning then they should not be expected to engage in home learning In the event of a child having to isolate, a letter of isolation will be sent home immediately outlining the next steps.

Software and Online Programs: The teachers will support our pupils by providing appropriate and manageable work set in line with our curriculum. It will be a broad and balanced curriculum in line with the provision they should receive in school. This will be primarily through the use of Microsoft Teams for years EYFS- Year 6. Tapestry will also be used in EYFS. This will allow the continuity of contact between pupil and teacher such as check in, celebration, feedback and other communications. Teachers and parents will be able to message one another to share information and offer support. The platform will be supplemented using a wide range of online tools like those shown above to ensure that all core skills are acquired and practiced. Worksheets, practical resources and remote learning (If a child has a positive test or has been advised to isolate for 10-14 days) If a child is isolated from school i.e. the child is sent home from school to either receive a test or self-isolate as someone in the household is being tested, they will leave school with a pack of work including a work book to record their work in. Children will have immediate opportunity to continue their learning. The work packs will be basic skills work that would be relevant at any stage of the year i.e. arithmetic, spelling, reading, writing (with a visual prompt) and handwriting. In the case of whole cohort isolation/large bubble isolation, resources will be uploaded to Microsoft Teams and priority children will have packs delivered. This measure will afford teachers a short time to prepare their remote learning resources. In preparation for remote home learning, the children will receive all their logins/passwords for the online programs that are available to your child. Up to date Government Guidance January 2021: Remote education provision in primary and secondary schools. Where a class, group or a small number of pupils need to self-isolate, or local restrictions require pupils to remain at home, we expect schools to have the capacity to offer immediate remote education. Schools should ensure remote education, where needed, is high quality and aligns as closely as possible with in-school provision. The Secretary of State for Education has issued a continuity direction that requires schools to provide remote education for state-funded, school age children unable to attend school due to coronavirus (COVID-19). We have published guidance that explains the purpose of the various provisions within the Coronavirus Act 2020 Provision of Remote Education (England) Temporary Continuity Direction. Schools are expected to consider how to continue to improve the quality of their existing curriculum, for example through technology, and have a strong contingency plan in place for remote education. Restricting attendance during the national lockdown: schools Guidance for all schools in England January 2021