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Returning to School 6th September

Dear Parents / Carers,

We hope you have had a brilliant holiday and are all ready for the new year ahead. The teachers have been working hard for the last two days preparing for your return and making decisions in light of new guidance regarding to Covid measures.

When the children return, they will be in their classrooms and working with the other classes in the Key Stage (like the olden days) and no longer in segregated bubbles. Playtimes will still be staggered, for space reasons, but lunchtimes, assemblies, after school clubs, wraparound care and all communal activities will resume. The key messages of ventilation, hygiene, handwashing, space, and ‘bin it, catch it, kill it’, will still be a high priority but children will no longer be made to sit in rows. We ask you for your continued vigilance and keep pupils with Covid symptoms off to stop the spread and ensure no threat to staffing and therefore no future school closures. Report any symptoms as soon as possible.

The bell for Key Stage Two to enter the classroom will ring at 8.40am and Key Stage One will enter at 8.50am. The children are asked to line up by their classroom until they are invited in by their teacher. Both pupils and parents can come on site, but we ask you to remain on the lower playground. Please supervise your children and ensure they don’t run around or play as space will feel small, as we get used to the routines again.

If you want to talk with the office staff, please only enter through the top gate and through the front door. No-one is to come in through the top playground or into the hall as breakfast club will be in there. For those parents who need to drop off pupils before 8.40am there is breakfast club from 7.45 am. You can drop your child off between 7.45 am and 8.15 am for breakfast. Please sign them in. If you come after 8.15am we cannot guarantee breakfast as we have to pack up etc but you will still be charged the same rate for the use of breakfast club (£3 per day). Your child will then be taken to their class when their bell goes.

Children in Year 5 and 6 have the option of walking to school. Please fill in a ‘Walk to School’ form so the staff know that the child is not being supervised on their way to school with up-to-date contact numbers. If your child does not arrive in school at the correct time, then a phone call will be made to ensure their safety. Please do not let them arrive too early as they will be unsupervised on the playground.

Gates in the morning will be closed by 9am, as PE and sport will start then, so if you are late, access the school through the top gate and sign your child in please. All pupils will be dismissed at 3.15pm. The gates will be opened at 3.10pm. You are allowed on school site but again please remain on the bottom playground to receive your children. Please be considerate of parking for our neighbours and for people’s safety.

The church is having some work done on their roof. There is scaffolding near the pathway so please take care through the church yard and do not wait in there as before- just as a thoroughfare.  The old medical centre carpark is still a good place to park and walk to pick up your children.

Remember to pre order (and pay) for your child’s meal choices online for the upcoming weeks. If you do not order them and they are entitled to a free school meal, they will have a meal chosen for them, but it is your responsibility as a parent to ensure they get the correct meal choice. Key Stage Two parents without a meal pre- ordered for their child will be asked to come into school and provide a packed lunch.


Looking forward to an amazing year. See you all Monday.

Mrs Elliott and the WVPS Team