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Letter from Mrs Elliott

Thursday 23rd April 2020
Dear Parents/Carers
Well we are nearly at the end of the first week of Term 5. I hope that you and your
families are safe and well and enjoyed the wonderful Easter weather we had. We have
had on average 15-20 pupils in daily and it is great to see most of them back after the
holidays. I am able to work from home today so it has given me time to reflect on our
Covid experience to date.
What I want to say firstly is how proud and grateful I am for all my teachers and staff.
They have responded valiantly to these strange times and as expected have come up
trumps. Their love, care and dedication to their pupils (and their parents) has been
heart-warming and quite humbling. The fact that they have made themselves available
(virtually) to all pupils and parents any time of the school day (and beyond!) means
more than anything. The fact that children know we are there for them and can keep
contact with those who they know and trust is vital for their well-being and means a
I know and understand some families are struggling with the work set due to technical
difficulties or anxieties but I want to emphasise we don’t want to make this any way
stressful for the children or their grownups. We are giving out high quality, structured
work because we truly believe that if we can keep some sense of routine and keep the
pupils occupied and challenged this will have much better benefits to their mental
health now and in the long run (rather than just doing random projects or finding an
‘interesting’ website). But anything each family chooses to do is fine. No one else lives
in your house with your family so no one else can tell you what is best for your child.
You as parent are the best judge of what your family and children need so if any of the
things we set are useful, knock yourselves out but if not that is OK too. Do not feel
guilty if your children will not do school work, do not get frustrated if they won’t sit still.
You are not a teacher you are their parent. The teachers are trained to make the work
accessible and can differentiate it to the children’s needs - that’s what they are
experienced at. They will do their best to provide individual work if you need it, they
are doing it for some already. Just please ask and we will help to the best of our
I read a great quote from Facebook this week: ‘Your child is not behind, your child is
not ahead. Your children are exactly where they need to be.’ When they come back to
school they will catch up on missed work but we can’t teach children who are upset or
unwell – physically or mentally. So do your best, do what your child enjoys, try to keep
them focused and engaged as much as possible so they can ‘cope’ with school when
they come back. That is all we can ask.
The main thing we ask of you is to keep the children safe. This includes working online.

Microsoft Teams and the internet are amazingly helpful but do need some ‘policing’ from you to make sure your children are acessing appropriate things at appropriate times of the day. We have been using some platforms, in our rush to get work prepared, that are not within the age the children should be accessing independently i.e. YouTube. Now we are more organised we will try not to use apps etc that the children are too young to use as this is suggesting that it is OK for them to do so. We would appreciate you reminding the children that they are not of an age to use them on their own. If we have suggested it we know it is safe for them to view.
Remember if you are having any difficulties, socially or financially we can help in small ways and if you need a check in with our lovely Learning Mentor Mrs Paddick she is here, available for phone consultations or just a chat! - as are the teachers and myself. You can find the emails of the teachers on our website - mine is
Love each other, nurture each other and really enjoy this precious gift of family time. Best wishes and love to our whole school community and thank you to everyone for all your hard work.
Mrs Elliott