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Lunch Menus

Change to menu- Wednesday 12th May

The green option on this day will be Quorn roast instead of the Vegetable pastry slice. The rest of the menu will remain the same.

Lunch Menu from 19th April until July 2021- Please note that unfortunately the pasta option is not available at this time.


Chartwells 2020/21


Help your child to choose a healthy lunch with our current school meals menu.

We are continuing with our 'Yellow' option of Jacket Potato with a topping.


The daily toppings are as follows:


Monday - Tuna

Tuesday - Egg Mayonaise

Wednesday - Baked Beans & Cheese

Thursday - Tuna

Friday - Cheese


There is also a further option of a School Meals Packed Lunch which will be available every day and consist of:


A choice of either a Cheese, Ham or Tuna Sandwich

Vegetable Sticks

Fresh Fruit or Yoghurt or

Dessert of the day

Unfortunately the pasta option is not available at this time.

Special Diets Information

If your child has an allergy or requires a special diet please review the information below from Chartwells, our school mesls provider, and complete a special diet request form and return it to the School Office.

Friday Golden Table

Unfortunately this is not available at the moment due to Coronavirus but every Friday the SMSA's choose children, from various classes, to have their lunch on a specially decorated table with a class teacher on the Golden Table.  Children are chosen for having excellent behaviour during lunch time.